Blimp is a drop-in replacement for Docker Compose that runs your development environment on Kubernetes in the cloud. It’s backward compatible with Docker Compose, the most popular local development tool today. Take any existing docker-compose.yml file, run blimp up, and get a development sandbox with infinite resources at your disposal.

Let’s discuss an extremely common anti-pattern I’ve noticed with teams that are relatively new to containers/cloud-native/kubernetes, etc. More so than when building traditional monoliths, cloud-native applications can be incredibly complex and, as a result, need a relatively sophisticated development environment. Unfortunately, this need often isn’t evident at the beginning of…

At Kelda, we’re building Blimp, a version of Docker Compose that runs in the cloud. Our goal is to improve the development productivity by providing developers with an alternative to bogging down their local systems with loads of resource-hungry Docker containers.

We’ve put a lot of engineering effort into supporting…


Local development with containers is slow and heavy. With Blimp get your containers off your laptop and into the cloud

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